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OgilvieGems have a passion for custom tailored designs. We cannot restrict ourselves to just a singular brand or precious stone. OgilvieGems specialize in Charles and Colvard Certified and Created Moissanite, GIA Certified Diamonds, Natural and Lab Created Sapphire, Natural Moragnite, Lab Created and Natural Emerald, Lab Created and Natural Rubies as well as other gemstones.

OgilvieGems only deal in GIA Certified Natural Diamonds. OgilvieGems believe in using only the best in our hand crafted designs;  and in our personal opinion as jewelers, we have decided that GIA are the only route to go.

No. There are no likely situations in which the color of moissanite will be permanently changed. Moissanite does undergo a temporary color change when exposed to extreme heat from a jeweler’s torch during jewelry repair, but with proper bench techniques there will be no lasting damage, and the stone will return to its normal color once it cools

Yes. Moissanite can have needle-like inclusions that can be seen under 10x magnification. However, they are not visible to the naked eye and do not affect the clarity of the stone. They are unique characteristics, which occur in the formation of the crystalline structure.

Yes. Moissanite is durable, tough and extremely resistant to scratching and abrasion. With a hardness of 9.25, moissanite is harder than all other gemstones except diamond.

Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite is a triumph of art, science and sustained effort. The structural configuration of this new moissanite material is what yields its unsurpassed, colorless (D-E-F) quality. While chemically it is still silicon carbide (SiC), and its optical and hardness properties remain the same, it is the stacking of SiC material in the manufacturing process that makes Forever One moissanite unlike any of its predecessors.

Through its research and development efforts working with Forever One, Charles & Colvard has developed a second grade of Forever One, in G-H-I quality*. This near colorless gemstone emits a faint, icy hue compared to its Forever Brilliant predecessor, which yields a warm hue. This new, near-colorless gemstone is only currently available in limited quantities on the Charles & Colvard® e-commerce website,

Please note: OgilvieGems only retail Forever One Colorless and Near Colorless and that Forever Brilliant and Classic is no longer an Offering From Charles and Colvard.

Forever Brilliant moissanite falls within the prized, near-colorless G-H-I range. Forever Brilliant was developed through improvements to the crystal growing process from the original brand of Charles & Colvard created moissanite also known as Forever Classic. Forever Classic offers subtle color shades in the J – K range of the industry color scale, with faint undertones of green, yellow or gray. Forever One D-E-F, Forever Brilliant and Forever Classic moissanite gemstones and jewelry will continue to be made available to wholesale distributors, manufacturers, retailers, TV shopping networks and designers.

*Based on the Gemological Institute of America’s diamond grading scale.

The carat is the traditional unit of measurement for a diamond’s weight. Moissanite is not measured in carats because it weighs approximately 10 percent less than diamond. For example, a 6.5mm round diamond would weigh 1.0ct, while a 6.5mm round moissanite would weigh 0.88ct. The two stones would be the same size – 6.5mm in diameter. All stones for sale are listed with their size in millimeters and the diamond equivalent weight (DEW) in carats.

You may clean moissanite the same way you would diamond or any other fine gemstone. As with any fine jewelry item, an ultrasonic cleaner can be used. However, it is best to be gentle with your valuable treasures. You can also clean your moissanite jewelry using a commercial (non-acid based) jewelry cleaner or with mild soap and water using a soft toothbrush.

There are four C’s jewelers use when grading gemstones…and they tell you everything you need to know about moissanite to achieve the fifth C – which is Confidence. The quality and enduring value of moissanite jewelry can be expressed in those 5C’s and every Charles & Colvard and OgilvieGems Created Moissanite is strictly examined by our experienced Gemologists.

Every Created Moissanite gem is precisely calibrated and hand-faceted by master gem cutters to maximize brilliance and spark its ultimate fire that increases the refractive index of moissanite.

Moissanite is graded as near-colorless, with faint undertones of green to yellow to gray, and a few rare green gems. 

Moissanite’s clarity grading is “eye-clean”. Our moissanite are created using organic elements, mimicking nature in a controlled environment, therefore moissanite gems have tiny, needle-like inclusions that invariably develop during the growing process of moissanite. However, only moissanite gemstones that pass OgilvieGems quality standards are made available for distribution.

Moissanite is visually proportionate to typical diamond carat weights but is approximately 10% lighter. Most jewelers find it easier to sell moissanite by size rather than weight. A 6.5mm round brilliant natural diamond would have a carat weight of approximately 1.0 compared to a moissanite of the same dimension (6.5mm) which has a carat weight of approximately 0.88. Simply put, to the eye they appear to be the same size, although the weight of the two stones may be slightly different.

Like other gems, large sizes of moissanite are rare. However, the premium for large sizes is much less, making moissanite a particularly good choice for bold jewelry designs.

Known to many as “The World’s Most Brilliant Gem”, with unsurpassed fire and brilliance, this unique created gemstone is the ultimate in gemstone design.


Yes, all Moissanite sold through OgilvieGems receive a Ltd Lifetime Warranty.

Please see Warranty Page for more details

Manufacturing Warranty- Warranty is dependent upon inspection of item upon receipt, any issues relating to manufacturing after the initial receipt of the item will be inspected by OgilvieGems. If the fault lies with OgilvieGems in regard to manufacturing, OgilvieGems will accept the cost of such repairs and changes.

Limited warranty is limited to just the specified parts, certain types of defects, or other conditions.

See full warranty details in warranty page

If for some reason:

  • Products do not match descriptions given (Products to be inspected upon receipt immediately) 
  • OgilvieGems are not able to deliver your product
  • or your product is not delivered within the allotted time (Unless pre-arranged) you will be eligible for a full refund.

For all Warranty related refunds, please see warranty page. 

Orders are expected to be delivered within 20 working days.
Delivery of rings may take up to 30 Days. 
Typically rings and other items are delivered within 20 days.

For all loose Gems delivery is expected within 10 working days. Depending on stock availability delivery schedules will be discussed with each client directly.

Each Jewelry item is hand made with precision, no matter how many orders we take on we guaranty that you will have your product in the allocated time. Our unmatched quality is what drives our confidence with in the industry and although most jewelry items are made to completion within 15 days each item is taken through a strenuous quality control from hand polishing to redesign if necessary. On loose gems delivery times are dependent on stock availability, shipping manifests, customs and most importantly quality control.

Confidence in any industry is what makes you either mediocre or excellent and when offering a lifetime warranty on our moissanite we take the time to ensure that every stone passes our quality control.

All moissanite gems are inspected through a 3rd party insurance company before being released to the public.

RAM courier service as the only Domestic Jewellery Insured courier will be used for all Domestic Deliveries Door to Door.

DHL or FedEx for all International Shipments (Price on application) 

He most significant optical property affecting a gemstone’s brilliance, or sparkle, is the refractive index or RI. The RI of moissanite ranges from 2.65 to 2.69, meaning it displays more brilliance than diamond (with an RI of 2.42) or any other popular gemstone.

No, OgilvieGems as well as Charles & Colvard give a lifetime warranty ensuring that the gems brilliance and fire will be as ever brilliant as the day you purchased it.

Yes. Resetting your moissanite gemstone(s) into a new piece of jewelry can be done by an experienced jeweler.

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